AlphaLab is now Caladan
AlphaLab Capital is now Caladan.


Today, our company name changes from “AlphaLab Capital” to “Caladan”.

Back in 2017, AlphaLab Capital was founded as a proprietary trading firm. The founders choose the name “AlphaLab” in a spur of the moment decision, as it captured both our ability to generate alpha and the experimental mindset needed to found a startup.

Since then, we have grown to a team of nearly 80 employees on 3 continents. We’ve expanded our reach across CeFi and DeFi, and multiplied our lines of business from proprietary trading to also include market-making services for exchanges and token projects, DeFi partnerships, venture investing, and OTC.

As we evolved as a firm, we realised that we have become more than just alpha-seekers. We are now participants in a wider financial and technological revolution, and we needed a new name to suit what we had become. This time, we invited the entire firm to brainstorm, shortlist, and vote on names that would capture both our long-term perspective on business and our unusually open work culture.

Those of you who are fans of Frank Herbert’s Dune will recognise Caladan as the home world of House Atreides. A flourishing water planet, covered with rivers and mountains, Caladan hosts a diverse planetary ecosystem as well as the Atreides enterprise. The members of House Atreides are principled yet endlessly adaptive. When they are thrown into unforgiving landscapes, they learn the skills needed to thrive. When opportunity arises they do not hesitate to seize it, but they always put people before profits.

We invite you to come say hello to us as Caladan! You can reach out to, or join us at one of our upcoming ETH Denver events.